The iBand+ Helps Wearers Sleep Better and Experience Lucid Dreams

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: ibandplus & digitaltrends
The iBand+ is a wearable that differs from most others. While, generally, wearable tech devices monitor waking activity with the goal of helping people in their daily lives, the iBand+ is worn during sleep, and its goal is to help people's nightly lives -- specifically, their sleep.

The iBand+ is a three part set, equipped with an app, pillow speakers, and the crux of the system, the headband wearable. The iBand+ headset has EEG functionality, letting it track brainwaves during sleep. It then relays this information to the app, helping users to monitor their sleep and work on habits to aid in getting a more restful night in bed.

The pillow speaker's function is what makes the iBand+ a truly enticing product, however. By coordinating audio-visual cues through the speaker and the headset, the iBand+ claims to be able to engender lucid dreaming.