The Cognition Kit Resolves Problems Relating to Mental Health

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: wareable & readwrite
'Cognition Kit' is a wearable platform from the United Kingdom that aims to resolve problems that arise from mental health diagnoses and medication.

The software was designed to prevent patients from having to keep physical diaries about how their mind is feeling each day as a result of the medication they are taking. The platform makes this process easy by giving patients an outlet to express their mood while simultaneously improving their memory, attention and reaction skills. The software is compatible with different wearables and can send one of six different "mood faces" each day to their doctor or psychiatrists. Cognition Kit will also offer games that will be designed to reveal "patterns in mood and memory or reaction deficiency."

This open-source platform will allow for doctors and psychiatrists to better personalize and hone their abilities and further understand the specifics of the medicines and treatments that they administer to their patients.