These Sleeping Maskes from Remee Help You Have a Lucid Dream

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: sleepwithremee & fancy
If your only hope of hooking up with a hot celebrity is in a lucid dream, these Remee sleep masks can help. If you don't understand how a sleeping mask can help you get into the pants of Jessica Alba, lucid dreaming is when know you are in a dream and thus control it. Now the next time you go to bed, you can cast Miss Alba as a pizza delivery girl.

The masks work by flashing a recognizable series of lights into your eyes. These won't wake you up, but will work as an anomaly, which will alert you to the fact that you are not actually made of cheese and fighting Lord Voldemort on a flying toaster.

With this power, you can have control over your dream world and hopefully become as powerful and corrupt as a real-world leader!