This 3D-Printed Clothing Piece is a Ready-to-Wear Garment

 - Sep 23, 2016
References: & 3dprint
There are many designers who are pushing the boundaries of 3D-printed clothing when it comes to creating sculptural garments and avant-garde designs, but Free-D aims to set itself apart by creating clothing using this technology that the average person could fit into their wardrobe. Free-D's 'AMIMONO' clothing line is described as "real clothing created with a 3D printer."

One piece from the AMIMONO collection is a vest that takes inspiration from the knotting techniques used in knitting, but instead used 3D modeling and printing to create a woven garment that is formed without any seams. To give the garment flexibility and movement, the designers favored the use of TPU, which is elastic like real cloth fabric.

As well as encouraging the average person to see 3D-printed clothing as fully wearable, this kind of manufacturing introduces plenty of possibilities for customization.