The Omate Rise 3G Smartwatch Features Connectivity to Amazon Alexa

 - Sep 4, 2016
References: omate & thegadgetflow
Being that smartwatches are all about making on-the-go productivity better, the Omate Rise 3G smartwatch looks to help integrate more technology without adding additional heft. Featuring connectivity to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, the Omate Rise smartwatch enables users to simply speak commands into the device to take care of tasks.

The Omate Rise smartwatch features a round LCD display and a MediaTek MT2601 chipset. Regarding storage and RAM, the Omate Rise has 4GB and 512MB, respectively. The wearable features a splash-resistant design to ensure quick encounters with water won't render it broken.

The Omate Rise is, as previously mentioned, a 3G smartwatch which enables it to stay updated with all your essential data and information without having to have users constantly checking their smartphone.