From Empowering Red Carpet Dolls to Air-Purifying Hula Hoops

 - Oct 12, 2015
Empowering, inclusive and eco-conscious are just some of the ways to describe these October 2015 toys. In addition to red carpet dolls that fight racism -- a Zendaya red carpet replica doll celebrates the Disney star's exotic beauty -- along with air-purifying hula hoops that promote active play without damaging the environment.

Whether cleaning the air, teaching children to code or promoting gender equality, the month's toys are no longer solely about entertainment but aim to educate and empower children of all ages. In addition to inclusive dolls and tech-powered products, these October 2015 toys also include contemporary baby accessories like multi-functional playpens and even eco rattles that are made from organic cotton.

Other favorites include customizable bicycles that grow with one's child while saving budget-conscious parents money in the long run.