From Business Book GIFs to Freelance Networking Platforms

 - Oct 25, 2015
Management is one of the overarching themes in the October 2015 new venture ideas. Now that there are dozens of start-up companies popping up at such a quick pace, tools like the WakeBase newsletter have been developed to help investors or competitors in business stay on top of the newest emerging companies. Similarly, there are now many platforms for hiring, pitching new start-up ideas, managing customer comments and connecting with other entrepreneurial spirits.

One of the most novel ideas of all may be from Snaploop, which delivers weekly GIFs in order to summarize the main points of business books for professionals who simply lack the time to delve into the full book.

For inspiration to budding entrepreneurs everywhere, 16-Year-Old Chef Flynn McGarry recently began a new venture that now has him running his own restaurant, Eureka, in New York City.