This Social App Allows Groups to Coordinate Notes, Tasks and Events

 - Sep 24, 2015
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Pingpad is an engaging, easy-to-use project facilitation app.

CEO and co-founder Ross Mayfield came up with the idea for Pingpad when he and his wife were planning their wedding. There were so many moving parts, and no all-in-one online place to share ideas and notes, coordinate dates and times of events and appointments and split up tasks. Thus Mayfield created Pingpad, a social media app which incorporates chat, shared notes and links and a task assignment function. The project facilitation app fills a real need for groups trying to plan social events, for students coordinating group assignments for school or even for small business groups working on shared projects.

A variety of single-function document sharing apps exist, but Pingpad offers a unique service by putting all of the necessary features for group endeavors into one project facilitation app.