This Men's Lifestyle Platform Offers Just One New Item Each Day

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: curatum & techcrunch
This men's lifestyle app combs the world of men's fashion, literature, home decor and more to offer just one tasteful item each day.

The men's lifestyle service is based on the idea that modern consumers crave narrower but better quality choices, as opposed to previous generations, who valued variety and breadth of selection above all else. This shift has been observed in a number of industries: for example, millennials will shop at small, seasonal produce stands and gourmet butcher shops before one-stop grocery stores.

Playing on this idea, the men's lifestyle app, called Curatum, offers a single item for sale each day. Users can also scroll back and shop through previous selections. The men's lifestyle app uses one-click shopping and integrates Apple Pay. The items on offer include watches, furniture, books and clothes, among many more. Curatum takes a referral fee from the boutiques it showcases, while the shop itself takes care of fulfillment and shipping.