ButcherBox Delivers Grass-Fed Beef Directly to Consumers

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: getbutcherbox & kickstarter
'ButcherBox' is a unique subscription service that delivers grass-fed beef directly to consumers. Although meat is widely available at supermarkets and health food stores, it can be difficult to find ethical and safe cuts of beef. This new subscription service allows consumers to enjoy meat without worrying about what they may be ingesting.

Instead of providing consumers with meat from cattle raised on feedlots, ButcherBox specializes in sourcing grass-fed beef. Unlike conventionally raised cows, those that are grass-fed are free from hormones, antibiotics and supplements. Meat from grass-fed cows also contains less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef. ButcherBox provides consumers with these high-quality cuts of meat by delivering meals directly to their door. Each box delivered contains a curated selection of 100 percent grass-fed beef cuts, as well as recipes for creating the perfect dish.

The carnivore-approved subscription service is perfect for those who are concerned about where their meat is coming from and how the animal was treated.