From Messenger Music Services to TV Music Apps

 - Jul 2, 2015
Tidal, Google Play Music and Apple Music are just a few of the new music subscription services that have launched over the past few months, marking a huge shift in the way consumers listen to music. Although digital music stores sparked a revolution in the entertainment industry, many consumers no longer have the desire to purchase individual songs or entire albums and have those downloaded files permanently take up space on computers, mobile devices or the cloud.

While on-demand and radio-style streaming services are satisfying the masses, businesses like 'Vinyl Me, Please' and 'Vinyl Moon' are thriving by playing up the nostalgia of owning a physical record and the kind of customization that can't be bought with an inexpensive monthly music subscription fee.

Ultimately, since people just want to listen to good music and share it with others, services like LINE Music Service and Youtube Music Key are also emerging to satisfy these simple desires.