In Brazil, Spotify Trades Illegally Downloaded Music for Membership

 - May 27, 2014
References: spotify & en.rocketnews24
Illegally downloaded music may be convenient for some, but not if it's in competition with your digital music service, as Spotify found. The problem with pirated music is that it's so easy to come by and so widespread, that it's difficult to punish or prevent those who do download music without purchasing an album.

To mark the coming of Spotify to Brazil, the service set up numerous "Legalify" machines in public spaces, where people could trade in their homemade burned CDs for perks on Spotify. The duration of the songs on the CDs were turned into free minutes on Spotify's premium service. On top of this, Spotify chose to do some extra good and use the plastic taken from the CD cases and turn them into new recycled items.