From Nostalgic Music Festivals to Virtual Reality Concerts

 - Apr 13, 2015
These live music innovations range from nostalgic festival events to virtual reality concerts that can be experienced from home. As technology evolves, as do the limits of a traditional music performance. While traditional live music events combine common elements like sound and lighting effects, these modern innovations go one step further.

As audio becomes increasingly more digital, mobile DJ kits and mixing sets are replacing large and complex music tools and are quickly becoming popular among globally recognized talents in the world of electronic music. On the classical music front, mobile phone symphonies and opera accompanying apps are also enhancing a cultural experience with the help of modern technology.

When it comes to convenience, technology makes virtual reality events a possibility and allows one to enjoy a concert event that they would otherwise be unable to attend. More traditionally, music festivals and niche performances are also getting an overhaul with unexpected venues and luxurious accommodations for attendees.