- May 22, 2012
These multi-layered artworks take ordinary flat surfaces and transform them into extraordinary deep masterpieces. The effect appears to be straight out of a 3D film, where pieces appear as if they are floating in space.

Artists can use a number of techniques to achieve this ghostly layered look, generally mixing mediums to create a faceted space. Paper such as vellum or mylar has a translucent quality that allows artists to continue building up from their initial drawing. Wax or encaustic is used to seal surfaces where new mediums can be applied over top. Photographers are also able to create multi-layered pieces by overexposing one negative onto the next to create a one-of-a-kind image.

While some of these artists are using traditional mediums to create multi-layered artworks, others are exploring new materials like coffee and packing tape to create exquisite dimensional illustrations.

From Overlaid Tumblr Photography to Caffeine Ring Renderings: