'Confuse the Spirit' By Abbey Watkins Explores Native U.S. Culture

UK artist Abbey Watkins has unveiled her 'Confuse the Spirit' illustrations. A series featuring multi-headed women, the drawings come from Watkins' inspiration for the exhibit from Native American culture. The ornate images serve to represent an ancient folklore canon that is marked by mythology and legendary tales, and specifically the omniscient Native focus on bad spirits.

The Confuse the Spirit portraits are magnificent examples of the ways in which artists manage to layer imagery. Although the Native American motif may not be readily apparent, the breathtaking collage of multiple facial expressions exhibits a certain bewilderment that speaks to various states of the human mind, or in this case, the various states of otherworldly spirits.

Watkins' admitted peyote-based inspiration also seeps through her Confuse the Spirit collection. As the facial montages evince a hazy nature about them, the overriding hypnotic theme is ostensible.