Brooks Shane Salzwedel Creates Art Using Tape, Resin and Graphite

 - May 15, 2012
References: brookssalzwedel & mymodernmet
As though inspired by a London fog, the work of Brooks Shane Salzwedel is muted, smokey and at times even grim. Nevertheless, the aesthetic of each masterpiece is due in large part to the materials he uses. A mixed media artist, he layers graphite, tape and resin to create haunting scenes that are beautiful to behold.

Based in Los Angeles, Brooks Shane Salzwedel often juxtoposes natural sceneries with majestic architecture such as sprawling bridges and intricate oil drilling towers. By doing so, he depicts a world in which manmade elements interact with natural ones. Nevertheless, it is these manmade structures that are often portrayed in the foggy background while the trees and land take precedence in the foreground.