These Monika Traikov Images are Warped with Whimsy

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: monikatraikov.tumblr &
Canadian graphic designer Monika Traikov has an immense imagination which spills into her images. Traikov's work involves the warping of photographs to create images that are surreal, fantastical and just a bit creepy. She warps them digitally, either stretching segments of the images, shifting them, or layering them.

The interesting thing about Traikov's pieces is that she tends to use very dated photos as her canvas. Once she manipulates these photographs using software programs, they merge elements of the past and present together into a tangible, completely unique work of art.

This photographic collection by artist Monika Traikov is "surreally" surreal. These amazing images prove that she is definitely a "girl with kaleidoscope eyes."