Georgia Russell Shreds Print Materials With a Scalpel

 - Nov 19, 2011
References: dukanhourdequin & mymodernmet
There are some people out there who might not be strangers to Georgia Russell's stunning artwork. That's because her creations stole the hearts of many back in 2008 when she took her scalpel to books. Now a graduate from the Royal College of Art, Georgia Russell has turned her scalpel towards other print materials including newspapers, photographs, maps, magazines and even currency.

Born in Scotland, Georgia Russell is currently living and working in Paris. Her latest solo exhibition, titled Difference and Repetition, showcases breathtaking collaged strips of prints encased in plexiglas. Intricately incisioned, Georgia Russell's mixed media artwork breaths new life into each printed image. In fact, there is a surge of emotion that seems to have been implanted right into each piece, as though she had actually conducted some form of surgery.