The 'OneLine' Series by Eemz is Intricate and Minimalist

 - May 12, 2012
References: & lostateminor
The 'OneLine' Series by Eemz is minimalist, yet enticing.

Many people like to doodle to pass the time or procrastinate, but few people know how to render interesting drawings with this method. In this series, the Cairo, Egypt-based mixed media and illustrator drew a slew of figures using only a single line in each piece.

Eemz's technique seems to effortlessly effect a minimalist aesthetic. Indeed, the figures she portrays are in many cases silhouettes. By not giving away too much, she maintains a casual but composed feel.

Still, the artist's one-line technique produces much intricacy. Creating entire drawings from what is essentially a single stroke of a pen, pencil or brush almost makes this inevitable.

It is this intricate, yet minimalist aesthetic that makes Eemz's work so distinct.