- Dec 30, 2012
Though coloring and activity books were a favorite past time while growing up, these unconventional coloring books for adults allows grown ups to relive the fun of coloring with choices more suitable for mature audiences.

Whether you want a break from work or need something to do to occupy your time, any of these coloring books will be able to provide you with hours of enjoyment. All you need to decide on is what specific coloring you would like to do. Perhaps coloring in Tupac's face may tickle your fancy or there are also activity books full of celebrities, which might do the trick. If that doesn't do it for you, there is also some home decor alternatives such as coloring wall paper, which will allow you to dress up your walls however you please.

So go out, get one of these books, get out your pencil crayons and start awakening your inner child for a little creative play.

From Coloring Book Walls to Hip-Hop Coloring Books for Adults: