From Loopy Kitchen Tables to Minimalist Morphing Tables

 - Feb 23, 2013
These modern kitchen tables are taking traditionally used pieces of furniture, and transforming them into items that are visually striking and artistically creative. While still practical to eat your meals off of, these inventive tabletop designs also create an impressive visual aesthetic inside your home.

While kitchen tables are often only associated with being something practical to eat on, these modernly designed tables are adding a whole slew of new features and improvements, bringing these tabletops into the 21st Century. From foldable table designs to those that are equipped with hi-tech features, these cleverly updated table creations are perfect for those looking to add some modern touches to their everyday activities.

Instead of going for the ordinary flat and rectangular kitchen table, add a splash of excitement and spunk to your decor by using these out-of-the-ordinary, yet functional designs.