The Deco Dining Table Integrates a Delicate Floral Design

 - Jan 12, 2012
In almost any form and on any surface, an exquisite Damask pattern epitomizes elegance and class. The smooth and contemporary composition of the Deco Dining Table needs no assistance in assuming beauty; however, the application of that elaborate black motif sets the minimalistic movable off with an alluring dose of detail.

Marianne Camilleri's fabulous piece of furniture exudes a grace beyond the rigid right angles of its closed ends. The thick material allows it to be structurally opened up on one side and the tabletop to be extracted along the same half. What completes the smooth surfaces of the splendid kitchen table is the installation of floral printed glass to lie flush with the Deco Dining Table's solid dimensions. It must create striking shadows in the sun.