Statik Table by Oscar Silva Invites Involved Interaction

 - Jun 29, 2011
Fundamentally, a table can be a very simple thing, satisfied by the main criteria of a raised horizontal surface. The Statik Table by Oscar Silva demonstrates why such a mundane movable is really such an extraordinary thing.

The designer tells of bygone times, when as a child he used to play beneath the kitchen table. With this in mind, he optimize his piece of furniture for increased versatility, carving an elongated wooden bench with its vertical supports concentrated at opposite ends.

There are six angled legs holding up this piece of furniture, leaving a lengthy underside for low-level exploration, and perhaps more importantly, the freedom to place chairs without obstructions. The Statik Table by Oscar Silva even includes a hidden extension for hosting extra eaters, making puzzles and making use of such an invaluable furnishing.