Wood Table by Roman Shpelyk Provides a Smooth Surface and a Slot for Storage

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
In many homes, tables seem to attract clutter, pushing activities such as eating and working to the sofa. Part of the problem is that most kitchen tables have one sole surface, but this Wood Table by Roman Shpelyk deviates quite cleverly.

When viewed from the short end, this chic piece of furniture appears to comprise four smooth legs that support a thick panel of solid lumber. However, a 90-degree change of perspective reveals a substantial gap in the tabletop, made possible by four thin timber faces that form a rectangular box.

Books, newspapers, magazines and miscellaneous mess can be relocated within the crafty cubby of the Wood Table by Roman Shpelyk. The midsection of the dining table's upper board can even be removed to accommodate the placement of taller objects such as decorative vases.