Between the Lines Serves Up an Intimate Eating Experience

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: coroflot & yankodesign
When reimagining the dynamics of a social meal, there are plenty of cultural practices to consider, and incredibly, Between the Lines is a collection of quirky culinary objects that explores such interactions in remarkably perceptive ways.

Camilla Fucili has developed five different adaptations to the modern kitchen table. The first is a table cloth called Speech, which comments on the concept of conversation and is literally composed of cursive text. Stretch utensils look like elongated hands that make it easy for people to taste items from others' plates. The Cin Cin double wineglasses are for couples to toast together. The Romeo & Juliette cracked egg crockery makes leftovers storage simple, and lastly to complete the Between the Lines collection is a set of Allure linking bowls which remind dinner guests of a cohesive meal and sharing food.