From Countless Leaked Photos to Her Breakout Role as Hannah Montana

 - Nov 16, 2011
It may not always be easy to Like Miley Cyrus; the teen star went from innocently portraying Hannah Montana to smoking and getting tattoos, and this gallery of Miley Cyrus innovations takes you through her achievements and her mistakes.

The ups and downs of Ms. Cyrus are not unlike those of any other celebrity in the public eye, but due to the sheer immensity of her fame, which reached its height a couple of years ago, Miley seemed to suffer more than most. In fact, many compared her criticism and so called "acting out" to Lindsay Lohan's past.

From having her phone and computer hacked and experiencing the pain of leaked photos, to appearing onstage in scandalous outfits before she had even turned 18, this gallery of Miley Cyrus innovations demonstrates that the star has had her fair share of controversy.