Spicy Shoe Editorials Inspired by the Mila Kunis Esquire Cover Page

 - Oct 9, 2012
The Mila Kunis Esquire Cover page for November 2012 showed off the sultry actress, pouting towards the camera in nothing but leather pants.

The infamous American magazine referred to Kunis as the sexiest female celebrity for the year 2012. On that note, besides lack of clothing, nothing helps bump up your hottie status more than the right eye-catching stiletto heels. These shoe lookbooks show off sassy models bewitching viewers by flirtatiously showing off the one-of-a-kind heels that adorn their feet. Some are posed lying down at awkward angles, others only show the glowing sheen of their legs in strappy animal-print heels.

These shoe editorials, along with the Mila Kunis Esquire Cover photo, will certainly cause your computer screen to cloud over just a bit.