Fashion Week's Promenade of Stilettos

 - Sep 18, 2008   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: nytimes
It's the heels at the end of a long stretch of legs, not the handbag or the dress, that have taken New York by storm.

Bill Cunningham of the New York Times documents the land of extreme heels in a fascinating slideshow and voice-over. He covers style for the New York Times, so if Bill Cunningham says its all about the heels, you'd better be listening.

Implications - With the recent proliferation of street style blogs and street style features in major fashion publications around the world, fashionistas are looking for articles of clothing and accessories that can set them apart from fashion-forward people around the world. Companies that create products that serve a practical purpose in addition to having the swagger of a novelty item stand to benefit from trendsetting fashionistas focused on attention-grabbing originality.