Pump Up Your Gym Wardrobe with the Kat Cordts XOXO Mag Photo Shoot

What one wears to the gym usually doesn't require a lot of thought, but the Kat Cordts XOXO Mag editorial may have you rethinking your regular all-black ensemble of tights and a tank top.

The photo shoot features leggy model Kat Cordts as she shows off her flexibility in a number of bright, workout-ready outfits. From bold red headbands to metallic tights, it's clear that the Kat Cordts XOXO Mag editorial is channeling a retro vibe. A standout combination is the deep purple, knee-length socks paired with strappy fuchsia pumps. Although it may not be the best idea to wear high heels and socks to the gym, the look is undeniably fierce.

Check out the Kat Cordts XOXO Mag photo shoot to get some inspiration on how you can spice up your next gym experience.