From Hot Hipster Sea Babes to Octomermaid Illustrations

 - Jul 27, 2011
Mermaids are one of the mythical underwater creatures that most people are not afraid of and wish were real. Mermaids are elegant, beautiful, and dazzling.

Mermaids have been enchanting almost everyone since they were little with the Disney movie The Little Mermaid where some people secretly wanted to be mermaids and live out the life the main character Ariel lived.

Mermaids are also a huge inspiration for fashion because the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to colors and different patterns. This is because mermaids are suppose to be gorgeous creatures and designers want their designs to seem gorgeous to everyone.

Mermaids also have a dreamy feel to them because they are suppose to live underwater and lead this magical life, which no human being has ever been able to live. They give us a sense of wonder and people want to use that kind of thing in their products.