From Supportive Airplane Head Rests to Female-Only Capsule Hotels

 - May 14, 2016
The May 2016 travel trends reveal that companies are not only interested in changing the way consumers travel, but also where they are traveling to. Indeed, companies are increasingly working to make travel more comfortable, more accessible and more affordable for the average person.

While companies have been trying to make long-distance travel more comfortable for many years, the wellbeing of travelers remains a top priority. In terms of air travel this includes everything from more ergonomic headrests to jets that can travel faster than the speed of sound without suffering from dangerous sonic booms. In terms of more conventional forms of travel, such upgrades include train rides that now incorporate elements of VR technology.

Beyond the comfort of travelers, the May 2016 travel trends also reveal an emphasis on the overall travel experience. For instance, there is now a female-only capsule hotel in Japan that caters to women traveling alone. On the other end of the spectrum, the Generator Hostel Amsterdam is designed to promote social interaction between travelers. These examples demonstrate the growing demand for companies catering to different traveler needs and experiences.