RADEN Combines Suitcases with an App for Convenient Features

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: raden & coolhunting
There are a ton of tedious chores associated with travel generally and suitcases specifically -- but many of those are eliminated, or at the very least made more efficient, thanks to this collection of stylish smart luggage. It is outfitted with technology to help weigh the bag, charge phones and more.

Designed by RADEN, the stylish smart luggage works with an app to also let people know when it's close by. Those excruciating minutes waiting to see if it arrived safely or not after a flight will be reduced significantly. Josh Udashkin, Raden founder and CEO, says, "I started learning about the luggage business was how big it was, that most of the products are terrible, the brands are worse, the industrial design is worse than that—and there is no technology."