From Camouflaged Urban Couture to Artistic Graffiti Jeans

 - Apr 11, 2015
These March 2015 fashion for men trends range from camouflaged urban collections to artistic graffiti jeans that bring attention-grabbing prints back in the spotlight. The minimalism that reigned in the last few seasons is slowly fading thanks to theatrical runway presentations and lookbooks that draw inspiration from artistic themes.

Botanical menswear patterns, monster-inspired runways and tattoo-sleeved prints are all examples of the fashion industry's return to visual opulence. With Spring on the horizon, retailers are embracing wild hues and exotic prints and are expressing seasonal fads in a way that is both thoughtful and creative.

Though the return of opulence is present in these March 2015 fashion for men trends, the minimalism of past seasons is far from gone as nostalgic steetwear and understated knits continue to act as foundation staples in fashion lovers' wardrobes.