From Gothic Male Makeup to Biodegradable Beauty Packaging

 - Apr 12, 2015
These March 2015 cosmetics range from gilded facial treatments to perfume-themed cocktails that draw inspiration from luxurious designer scents. In addition to the season's theatrical and artistic makeup fads, these March 2015 cosmetics also include sustainable products that are made using organic ingredients.

DIY beauty is on the rise as consumers grow more conscious about the contents of the products that they are investing in. Alongside DIY beauty concoctions, craft fans and major brands are both choosing to invest in sustainable packaging and are using more biodegradable and up-cycled materials. These packaging innovations are an alternative to plastic containers that are more environmentally damaging.

On the at-home beauty ritual front, gold-infused face masks and face-altering devices are re-shaping the way one looks at themselves without the need for under-the-knife procedures.