Loveheart Sparkling Powder Gives You Another Reason to Love Skin Care

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: wishtrend & intothegloss
Loveheart Sparkling Powder is the latest innovation from the Korean beauty market. The sodium bicarbonate-filled sachets create a small chemical reaction, resulting in carbonated water. Loveheat mentions, "The bubbles in carbonated water stimulate the skin and dilate capillaries to bring a rush of oxygen supply to the skin. The bubbles also act as micro-brushes that help cleanse pores and remove dead skin tissues." By pouring the sachets into a small bowl and dipping your face in and out of the potion 30 times, you will be able to achieve Loveheat's desired results.

Into The Gloss brought the product over to the United States to test drive the product. The blog writers stated the product helped to actively flush out dead skin cells and left their skin smoother and visibly revitalized.