From Man-Hunting Alien Toys to Building Block Flicks

 - May 13, 2012
Art may imitate life, but LEGO imitates the silver screen with these hilarious LEGO movie mashups. Videophiles and building block fanatics everywhere will go gaga for these toy-made homages. Covering classic and contemporary hits, these clever pop culture send ups are sure to tickle your funny bone.

From 'Predator' references to 'Kill Bill' recreations, these clever LEGO creations are for culture fiends who live for the movies. But it's not just about crafting simple mock-ups of classic characters. Some of these clever mashups go as far as to recreate entire iconic scenes from some of the world's most beloved flicks. You can watch LEGO-ized film making at its finest by checking out a darling toy-focused stop motion trailer or two.

Gloriously geeky and reference happy, these LEGO movie mashups will have you craving repeat viewings of all your old favorites.