From Puzzle Pocket Knives to Knife Painting

 - Dec 23, 2009   Updated: Apr 20 2011
I feel bad for knives because they are the only utensil that cannot positively participate in the sexual double entendre.

We all love the way spooning leads to forking, but when forking leads to stabbing, well that is just no fun for anyone.

From puzzle pocket knives to knife painting, check out the 55 nifty knives.

Implications - Convenience that doesn't sacrifice utility is the watchword of modern ingenuity. Product innovations such as these offer users increased functionality while also being out of the ordinary and altogether more exciting than their formalists. Consumers appreciate helpful products that step outside the confines of monotony. Redefining the limitations of a product that is as familiar as cutlery is a great way to impress customers while also intriguing them.