T-Shirt Protects from Knife Attacks

 - Mar 25, 2008
References: slipperybrick
According to an article in the Japanese newspaper The Daily Yomiuri , this white snuggly t-shirt will protect you against an attack from someone wielding a knife.

Reportedly, the t-shirt is made out of a fabric that can be compared to the material used in body armors. So, does that mean that I can put on my t-shirt and go for a walk in the South Bronx with a $100 bill stuck on my forehead and nothing will happen to me? Well, its not like its Superman's cape. Duh! Now, THAT will really stop even bullets! But I digress.

There is a slight catch to the body armor t-shirt: It will only protect you from slashing and not from stabbings that will puncture your flesh. Another slight downside is that the price of the T is $610. Not even Superman's cape is that expensive.