25 Ways To Relieve Stress Like Kimbo Slice

 - Oct 5, 2008
Yes, we're aware that choking and kicking our opponents into submission, a la MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli's match against Kimbo Slice, is not the ideal way to combat stress. Let's face facts, however: Sometimes clenching that little squishy stress ball won't cut it. There are individuals for whom stress relief does not involve taking deep breaths and visualizing picturesque shorelines, who derive sublime release after kicking the crap out of something.

Fortunately, these 25 stress relievers won't put you on the ground as quickly as the 14-second TKO we saw Kimbo Slice endure yesterday. In this cluster, you're more likely to put remote control sumo wrestlers through their paces than actually get into a mixed martial arts cage.

If you're inclined to fight, however, and aren't afraid of a Kimbo Slice-like defeat, a move to New York might be in your future. Seniors, kids and women even have their own special fight clubs. And if you're more of the passive-aggressive type, there are a handful of ways for you to feel like a badass without clenching a fist.