eBay Ass Whipping

 - Aug 6, 2008
References: ballerhouse
Upset at the cards you've been dealt? Not having a good day? Don't you just want to grab the next guy that walks by and let him have it? Supposedly, an unnamed man was willing to fly anywhere in the world and let anyone punch him in the face: for one million dollars!

This opportunity is no longer available to purchase. I'm not sure if the auction time has expired or if eBay is protecting themselves from a lawsuit.

Here's the list of his terms:

* “I will travel to winning bidders location so he/she may punch me in the face

* You can punch me either bare knuckled or with regulation Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts glove

* I will stand perfectly still while you deliver the punch and will only wear a mouth piece for protection

* If requested, I will do my best to accommodate the winning bidder by verbally insulting them, wearing offensive clothing, wearing 'look-a-like' masks, etc:

* I will sign a full wavier absolving the puncher from any damages the punch may incur upon me.”