NYC's Fight Clubs

 - Jun 1, 2008
References: neatorama
Apparently, pseudo fight clubs have sprung up in New York City and one of their meeting places is in Union Square Park. It is not unusual to see big crowds of people of all ages hanging out in the park. I myself sit there often to read or to simply watch the multi-ethnic crowd engaged in all sorts of activities from skating to break dancing to political gatherings. One thing I have never seen is staged fights.

"A number of shirtless, scraped-up men paced the perimeter of the circle, alternately refereeing and answering questions," Neatorama says. "The rules were simple: find a partner, get in the ring. No face shots, tapping out ends the fight. No settling scores, just fighting for the fun of fighting. No experience or discernible skill required."

I hate violence, but I need to go to Union Square to see these staged brawls for myself.