From Designer Basketball Jerseys to Medical Streetwear Lines

 - Jul 26, 2015
These July 2015 fashion for men ideas range from designer basketball jerseys to streetwear collections that are inspired by medical nurse and surgeon uniforms. After a lengthy focus on minimalism, the fashion industry is once again experimenting and embracing eclectic styles.

In addition to the month's uniformed and androgynous menswear examples, its punk and galactic-themed staples are eye-catching and memorable. Whether borrowing from popular culture -- Bobby Abley's latest menswear range is an homage to sci-fi film franchise Star Wars -- or referencing childhood, these July 2015 fashion for men ideas are more experimental than individualistic than ever before.

One of the month's biggest standouts includes designer Kit Neale who makes Kidcore an emerging fad with pieces that resemble childrenswear. In addition to bold pops of color, Neale plays with proportion and isn't afraid to accessorize with whimsical jewels and headwear.