From Illuminating Pet Bow Ties to Self-Washing Fish Tanks

 - Jul 31, 2013
These innovative pet products make caring for a pet much easier. Items like self-cleaning fish tanks and devices able to remotely feed or play with pets are the perfect way to keep your fishy or furry companions happy and healthy, especially if you work long hours.

Although many pet products take advantage of technology, not all of these innovations are digital. Products like Hurlu Berlu's 'Coffin for Pets' and the 'Rest In Pets’ caskets are earth-friendly ways to offer a beloved pet a peaceful final resting place that is also sustainable.

To make their lives as comfortable as possible, other innovative pet products include temperature-regulating vests and specially designed beekeeping suits for dogs. This helps dogs stay by the side of their beekeeping owners sting-free, while sniffing out diseases that are harmful to hives.