The ‘Dtec's' Dogs in T-Shirts Provide Free WiFi

Free WiFi is always appreciated, but it is even better when it is provided to you by a dog in t-shirts. Thailand’s leading mobile telecom company ‘Dtac,’ paired with advertising agency ‘Creative Juice Bangkok’ for this new ‘Moving WiFi’ service that provides Internet-accessible hotspots throughout the city.

The "work and play" campaign involved sending out dogs of all sizes wearing t-shirts and collars with WiFi capabilities. When people on the streets of Bangkok got close enough to these roving pups, they could connect to the free network. The unusual new service was put in place to emphasize that ‘Dtac’s’ service is "stable even when moving."

This idea was incredibly well received by the people of Bangkok, who loved getting free Internet access throughout the city and playing with the campaign’s dogs.