Maggie and Oatmeal from Olive & Cocoa Are Made from Old Newspaper

 - May 2, 2013
References: oliveandcocoa & kidcrave
Dogs are an expensive pet to own, so opting for the significantly cheaper -- and a little bit more obscure -- option of Maggie and Oatmeal from Olive & Cocoa is a nice alternative. The 'dogs' are made from recycled newspaper, which gives their 'fur' the interesting texture and consistency you'll find quite striking.

Maggie and Oatmeal from Olive & Cocoa come complete with wooden eyes and noses, and make not only a great gift for a child longing for a canine companion, but also for anyone who appreciates quality design. What's more, whichever of the ladies you pick -- either Maggie the Labrador or Oatmeal the Cavachon -- they'll arrive with a pretty satin bow to mark the occasion of the newfound friendship.