From Androgyny to Cross-Dressing

 - Feb 13, 2009
Androgyny has flooded catwalks and fashion magazines, putting the focus on styles that are neither distinctly male nor female. At the same time, gender-bending couture is pervading other sectors of fashion.

Men are beginning to look for feminine, with their features enhanced through the use of traditionally female beauty tools such as eyeliner, or in their case, guyliner, or fashion accessories like male purses, or murses.

Women, on the other hand, are cutting their hair shorter, pioneered by fashionistas like Agyness Deyn and made mainstream glam by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, both of which now rock the pixie look.

This cluster highlights some of the more notable androgynous fashion and gender-bending innovation featured on Trend Hunter. Even if you don't feel comfortable blurring your own gender lines, these looks can serve as an insightful look into new trends emerging in our culture.