- Jul 14, 2013
With architectural designs constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of the public, there's no surprise as to why these geeky Sci-Fi structures have been built with references to popular space age movies and television shows.

Since old school Sci-Fi films are beginning to make a comeback on TV and in the theaters, these intergalactic themes are garnering even more popularity amongst mainstream audiences and modern youths, prompting artists and designers to incorporate these themes into products and structures. These Sci-Fi architectural designs are some great examples of how the sleek, futuristic designs of such things as spacecrafts are being utilized on modern structures to create a mesmerizing exterior look.

From futuristic eco offices to floating orb eateries, these Sci-Fi structures will certainly attract individuals with an interest in nerdy, galactic themes.

From Sci-Fi Retail Centers to Space Age Hair Salons: