'Un Sui' House Inspired by A Space Odyssey

 - Sep 5, 2008
References: designboom
Are you a sci-fi movie fanatic? If yes, you'll get excited about architect Norisada Maeda's stylish and unique home design structure. It resembles the movie set of the 2001 movie, A Space Odyssey. N Meada Atelier Studio bring your living space to another dimension; as with this example, they manage to keep it all contained inside the four corners of the ‘Un Sui' Japanese Home.

This sturdy and functional architectural design is located in Yamato Kanagawa, Japan. The "Un Sui," which literally means “mass of soil”, is styled to complement the scenario needs of the movies it's inspired by.

It has two floors, each with different sci-fi themes. The two floors are divided by a layer of murky, tinted glass on the floor and the whole thing shares much resemblance to the interior of a space shuttle or station.