These Georgia Rest Stops are Future-Friendly

 - May 18, 2012
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These Georgia Rest Stops by J. Mayer H. Architects resemble something out of a sci-fi film. Realized by the visionary architect, these 20 roadside structures are changing the way visitors experience Georgian travel.

Mayer H. is responsible for revamping the country's entire architectural identity, having designed a series of other government buildings for the nation. These future-friendly structures are constructed from a series of thick concrete blocks that branch out in opposing directions.

From organic distortions to geometric elements, heavy concrete framing is juxtaposed against large windows that let in natural light. These Georgia Rest Stops are designed with user convenience in mind, each featuring a grocery store, farmers’ market, event spaces and a gas stations. Commissioned by the Georgian government, these memorable architecture pieces are challenging traditional design ideals.