From Realistic Fantasy Game Costumes to Big Screen Cosplay

 - Apr 30, 2013
These geeky costumes prove that playing dress up and making extravagant costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore.

The phenomenon known as cosplay features fully grown adults embracing their inner child by dressing up in geeky costumes based on their favorite franchises. From video game series like Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, StarCraft and Bioshock, to other movie and comic book franchises like Batman, Warhammer and Star Wars, there's a ton of creativity and hard work that goes into getting out of reality and into a fantasy world where the costume wearer is the star.

Geeky costumes know no boundaries, and these cosplay finds prove that it doesn't matter what the budget, time of year and gender is, the only thing that stands between someone and the geeky costumes of their dreams is simply time and imagination.